Cevin Soling
Bill Brandau
Jim Minics
Darren Pilato
Jaron Stewart



“Happy Suicide, Jim! is probably the most important album of the year.
It is certainly one of the best.”
- Dont Magazine

“If there is any hope for the future of music, it lies with
The Love Kills Theory . . .”
- Sonic Boom Magazine


The Love Kills Theory is an artistic attempt to bring contemporary philosophy into the mainstream where it can be accessible and relevant.  Fronted by Cevin Soling, currently studying philosophy for his Masters degree at Harvard University, The Love Kills Theory was based on an amalgam of the works of Guy Debord, founder of Situationist International, and Aldous Huxley fused with the current bio-genetic studies on the evolution of despair.

Formed, in part, as a desperate, and most likely futile, struggle against the demise of art in popular culture, The Love Kills Theory tries to pick up where the Situationists left off.  The regression that has taken place in all mediums could not have come about without a complicit and intellectually lazy audience who require less and less in terms of content, but grow ever more impatient with their demands for immediate gratification.  Combine this with the fact that the desire for exposure among most performers has preceded any sense of need for content or substantive message and you have all the ingredients necessary to produce a cultural wasteland. 

As their name implies, The Love Kills Theory is not so much a band as it is a manifesto.  Society has reached a point in its development where the pursuit of the things we love – indulgence in all of its forms – is killing us by making us all soulless consumers.  If art can’t be resurrected, at least the reasons for its death will be documented in The Love Kills Theory’s songs.  If we succumb to the allure of commodity fetishism and become hopelessly bound to an existence of inescapable alienation, the path to our self destruction was revealed here.

The petty details of the history of the band and its members and assorted accolades are irrelevant filler.


Xemu album:
Happy Suicide, Jim !
Released July 15, 2008, catalog: XM-1014